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Start to Really Use Your Mind

Photo of Marian Bayer

Marian Bayer, MBA & MPA

Former Harvard Teaching Fellow

These questions keep me up at night. Not with worry, but with excitement and anticipation. We are at an amazing point of transition into the next ‘Age‘. From the Industrial age, great minds swept us into the age of Technology. Now we are expanding again, into the Energy age.

What will be the next great contributions to humanity? You tell me. You are the ones on the cusp of great leaps forward in critical areas like clean water, auto-renewing energy, eliminating disease and hunger, and creating sustainable peace. My contribution is to help you start to really use your mind. And why is that so important? Because utilizing the mind’s additional capabilities is the new input / resource that is needed for the creation and implementation of these great contributions.

We’ve all known for a very long time that we use just a small % of what the mind is capable of. Until now, even with the best education and training in the world, we still haven’t tapped into what the mind can really do. You need to function at a level of Expanded Animation, to use your mind’s higher capabilities.

Expanded Animation: The mind’s functioning with the knowledge energy band, or as Dr. Jacques Vallee calls it, the Information Domain 




What is the mind’s next level of functioning?


Think of it this way. You have a nice car, say a Chevy, and you like it. It drives well, you take good care of it and for the most part, you’re happy with how it performs.


One day, out of the blue, a guy walks up to you as you’re getting out of your car. He pauses for a moment with a look of puzzlement and frustration. Finally, in his thick Italian accent he says, “What’s the matter with you? You drive the car like it’s a Chevy. It’s a Ferrari!”




Your mind, it’s a Ferrari



It Just Dropped In

We’ve all heard the stories of certain people who have a unique and rare ability to access knowledge that seems to just drop in. For some of those geniuses, that is their natural state. For others, like Einstein, they worked to train their mind and perception to access knowledge. They intentionally cultivated their mind’s higher capabilities.

Remember this. The issue isn’t your connection to the knowledge, but rather your perception of your connection to the knowledge.  

Expanded Animation

When you are using your mind’s higher capabilities, there is a sense of ease. It just flows, like being in the zone when you are playing tennis or basketball. Everything just clicks and feels almost like an out of body experience. You are functioning at the level of Expanded Animation. This is your mind’s next level of performance.    


Start to Really Use Your Mind

Are you working to solve a great challenge that humanity is currently facing? Do you want to use your mind’s higher capabilities? The first step is to read the information on the FAQ page. Please self screen out, if you are hesitant to know what you are really capable of or uncomfortable with change.


“Innovators give us iterations of what we already have.  

C r e a t o r s  give us what we don’t have.”  

It’s hard to fully express in words the value of working with Marian. I’ve learned how to easily and effectively attain useful insights that support my personal, professional and spiritual life.

Marian’s abilities and her work are a gift and treasure to humanity at this important time. She plays a powerful role in the elevating of human consciousness. – EJC