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Updating Definitions

OK, the teacher in me is coming out.  Let’s start with going over some definitions and concepts that lay down a nice foundation for using your mind’s higher capabilities. We are updating the innovation paradigm. Well actually, we’re not even bothering with innovation, but rather focusing on the higher level of performance that brings you to the primary point of creation, rather than follow on innovation.    


Simultaneously functioning in both the material and non-material energy bands. Being aware of and discerning information that just drops in. 


The essential element of universal matter. Primordial and non-diminishing.


This is my term for the energy band where thought, the energy of information, resides. There are many different energy bands, for example for light, sound and also for thought. The Green Zone is the energy band for thought.



Insights and information that just drop in out of the blue. Without any effort or thinking on your part, the information is just there.


NOUN – It is an energy packet of information.


It is instantaneous. Like the speed of sound or the speed of light, there is a speed of thought. The movement or transmission of thought packets. We have the ability to perceive sound and light. At the higher level of the mind’s capabilities, we perceive thought. 



Acclimating to the higher frequency of The Green Zone to allow information to drop in. Acclimatizing your energy to be in harmony at that higher level of the mind’s capabilities. As Einstein said, energy has to have a harmonic flow, else it gets distorted. 


Attuning to the higher frequency is similar to when you ‘tune in’ a radio to a particular station. But, with Expanded Animation, you are the instrument of reception. You refine your frequency to be in sync with the information you want to receive. 


Caring for your energy system. Just like having a basic routine for your daily physical hygiene, you need to do a few basic things to maintain your energy hygiene. 


CREATING vs INNOVATING:  Bringing something new into existence vs updating something that already exists.

Are  you a Creator? In your work to address some of our biggest challenges, are you committed to creating the next significant leap forward? A new mindset is needed for this.  No longer is it work smarter, not harder.  It’s be a Creator, not an innovator.     

All I ask is, start to really use your mind. – Marian