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Start to Really Use Your Mind – FAQ

How do you train your mind to function on the energy level?



For each client, the training is tailored to your uniqueness. The framework for the training includes:

  • Expanding Awareness
  • Refining Discernment
  • Recognizing & Eliminating Doubt
  • Knowing – Direct Experience
  • Maintaining Your Personal Energy   


What makes someone the right fit to train with you?



The most successful client is someone who is:

  • Curious and open minded
  • Accomplished leader in their professional field
  • Knows that using the same methods to solve problems is no longer viable
  • Feels strongly in their heart and soul that their work is also an opportunity to benefit humanity
  • Has already experienced insights that just drop in and wants to have access to knowledge more consistently
  • Experiences life with wonder, appreciation and merriment


Privacy and confidentiality are a concern for me. How do you address that?



Yes, this is a concern for me as well.  Our working relationship is based on trust, with the understanding that it is private. All information shared is confidential and used solely for your training and development. We will execute a NDA.

Are you available to work with an organization, rather than an individual?



Yes. Foundations supporting innovation to address global concerns, Venture Capital firms creating new industries or energy systems, and Corporations wanting to be the Leader in the social/economic/geopolitical shift are a good fit. Please email to inquire about in-house training or retreats  

Where are you located and where does the training take place?



I live and work in the US and Europe, primarily. I am in residence in various locations to work in person with my clients. I come to you, so you can focus your attention and energy on learning what your mind is really capable of, rather than catching another plane.

Given current travel restrictions and health concerns, we will work together in person or ‘Zoom it’, as it fits your needs / preference.

How long is the training program and what is the cost?



Program design and cost vary, based on the unique needs and goals of each client. Engagements range from individual, highly personalized training to leadership retreats or being in residence for an extended time to build Expanded Animation into your organization’s DNA, as you shift from an innovator mindset to be a Creator / Leader.  

  How do I become a client?



I am glad you want to work with me. Let’s talk.

Potential clients are screened to ensure you are the right fit for the training and that we will enjoy working together. Perhaps more importantly, you need to get to know me and decide if you are ready to put in the time and effort to use your mind’s higher capabilities.

Our initial conversation is a 30 minute call. The first 15 minutes are for questions I ask all potential clients and the second 15 minutes are your time to ask me questions. Just send me an email and we will set up a time to talk. In your email, include two days / times that are best for you, your phone number and include your time zone.



This transition to the Energy age is dependent on new inputs. This isn’t the same old struggle to push out the production frontier. This is expansion that is even greater than what we experienced when we moved into the Technology age. Be one of the Creators who leads the way for us. – Marian 

Start to Really Use Your Mind