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Ageless Wisdom and New Insights

Expanded Animation

Welcome. I’m glad you are curious to know more. Information on this page, which I like to think of as a little repository for insights, will give you an introduction to The Green Zone, Expanded Animation, Energy Hygiene and how you can start to use your mind’s higher capabilities. 

At first it may feel like a bit much, maybe a little hard to wrap your head around. I promise you that Expanded Animation is as easy and natural as any other function you do without thinking, like oxygen exchange. I love that example, because I am always amazed by the simple, complex things we do every day. Our natural and amazing abilities.  

I am much more of a behind the scenes type person, rather than “look at me, look at me”, so I choose to have a small footprint online. I have always just known things and as we begin to expand into the Energy age, it’s time to share the insights and understanding that have come to me over the past 20+ years. Information is just starting to be added to the site, so stop back from time to time. If you have a particular question, please email me:  

Remember, your mind, it’s a Ferrari.  

And what is the number one rule for driving a Ferrari?

Enjoy the Ride!

Learning to use your mind’s higher capabilities is kind of like learning to do nothing and being ready for when something happens.

We are so well trained to think and do. But those are efforts for innovation and production. Expanded Animation is operating at the point of tangency with the energy band that shifts you from Innovator to Creator. This is were the major leaps in knowledge come from.

“It just came to me.” is usually how someone describes their experience of when knowledge or an insight just drops in. You are tuning into the information domain, or as I call it, The Green Zone. Our least understood and most underutilized natural resource.     


No One Right Way

How does a baby learn to walk? In his own way. Sure, there is a basic concept common to everyone, but really, a little one learns to master using his or her legs in a way that gets them the results they want. And for you, using your mind’s higher capabilities is also a unique process. As you start to get familiar with the definitions and concepts for really using your mind, remember these are basic concepts common to everyone. Your own learning process will be what it is, and that is, what works best for you.

I also want to mention that I take a “Doing to Learn” approach when working with you. How do you hone a new skill? You do it. You don’t learn to fly a plane by sitting around talking about it. You are in the left seat and wheels are up.

When we starting working together, I tailor the training to meet you where you are at and take you where you want to go in using your mind’s higher capabilities. Right away, your needs for particular new insights are incorporated into the training. Quality, rather than quantity is my priority. Your work to solve our biggest challenges is my priority.

Expect this to be an expanding of your awareness and discernment of thoughts / information coming to you. Learn to replace effort with allowing…allowing yourself to perceive what is right there for you. It is that easy, when you get your thinking out of the way. It really is a shift from thinking to knowing. Like going from walking to running. Expanded Animation is an additional function of a natural ability you already have.  

Definitions and Concepts

Updating Definitions OK, the teacher in me is coming out.  Let's start with going over some definitions and concepts that lay down a nice foundation for using your mind's higher capabilities. We are updating the innovation paradigm. Well actually, we're not even...

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Thought - Noun: An energy packet of information A non-diminishing natural resourceThe main focus of my work is to help you use your mind's higher capabilities. In particular, to be more aware of and use thoughts that just drop in. I'm not talking about being mindful...

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